3CMeNow Support  (760) 891-7876   support@3cmenow.org

This site is provided as a service to the administrators, staff and faculty of the California community college system.

3CMeNow is part of 3C Media Solutions.  3C Media Solutions is a service of CCC TechConnect

CCC TechConnect is funded from a grant of the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office

Revised October 2017

For Desktop Users:

Download the latest Desktop Conference Client v8.3.904.xxx by selecting the link for your computer's operating system.

Windows 7 and Mac Users

http://join.ucanytime.com/scopia/mt/cacommunitycollege  (Scopia Desktop Client)

Windows 10 OS Users


Visit How-to-Install the Desktop Client for assistance with installation and configuring your client settings.

For Mobile Device Users:

If you would like to participate from your compatible iPhone, iPad, iTouch, simply visit the App Store and install AvayaScopia Mobile v8.3.8.  From a compatible Android device, visit the Google Play Store and search for AvayaScopia Mobile.  Your device is supported if the app is visible. 

     1) Install Scopia Mobile

     2) Open App

     3) Select Setting within the app

     4) Enter the server address http://join.ucanytime.com/scopia/mt/cacommunitycollege

        5) Enter your user name and password (applies for 3CMeNow credential holders only)

To join a meeting click on the link provided by the meeting coordinator. You can also enter the meeting ID and select <Connect>

For H.323 and SIP Room Systems

Enter the appropriate new Gatekeeper IP address provided to you by the Help Desk.  Reboot your codec.  Please call the Help Desk and schedule a video test call before scheduling your first meeting or using 3CMeNow.  There is no conference client to install on your H.323 and SIP devices. 

To ensure compatibility with Legacy systems still in operation at community colleges, 3CMeNow service supports H.263 and H.264.  H.263 video will appear grainy.  Legacy Polycom and Tandberg models require special codec configurations and can be found under Technical Requirements.