Overview of New Online Scheduler

July 2017

3CMeNow is proud to introduce a new system to schedule your desktop, mobile, and H.323 and SIP room systems.  3CMeNow uses SCOPIA® User Portal to bring you a number of enhancements and capabilities. 

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Revised October 2017

1. The ability to schedule reoccurring meetings is without question the most requested feature.  THE WAIT IS OVER!  You may now schedule reoccurring meetings whether you schedule semester long classes, training seminars, or reoccurring meetings.  Reoccurring Meeting scheduling capabilities include:

     a) Schedule an End Date to stop your meetings from reoccurring

  • By a specific date
  • After a specific number of occurrences

     b) Schedule Weekly Meetings

  • Specific number of weeks
  • On Specific day(s) of the week i.e., MWTH

     c) Schedule Monthly Meetings

  • Specific number of months
  • On a specific date in the month
  • On a specific week and day in the month

2.  Ability to restrict Moderator controls to allow you or your host to have complete Moderator Control over your meeting without the risk of someone else taking over without your permission.

     a) Assign a Meeting Host while scheduling your meeting.

  • The Meeting Host may moderate the meeting using their meeting room Desktop Interface
  • The Meeting Host may moderate the meeting via the Online Scheduler User Portal

     b) You may now assign a Meeting PIN and Moderator PIN to your Meeting Room

  • Meeting Participants can be placed in a waiting room until the Moderator joins the meeting.

     c) The Meeting Host and Moderator PIN holders are able to perform the following Moderator functions

        from the meeting room Desktop Interface

  • Application share
  • Lecture Mode
  • Record meetings to the cloud in his/her user account
  • Mute/Unmute Audio
  • Block Video
  • Invite Endpoint (H.323 or SIP Video Conferencing Room System participants)
  • Determine the layout for Endpoint (H.323 or SIP Video Conferencing Room System participants)
  • Disconnect participants from the meeting
  • Lock/unlock the meeting allowing the moderator to determine who can or cannot join their meeting room

3)  Enable Auto Record when scheduling (Recorded to cloud)

4) You can schedule meetings based on the age of your participants’ room system(s) resulting in easier connectivity to your meeting and other enhancements for legacy and late model systems.

5) Compatibility with various email providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, Spectrum Cable, Cox Cable and AT&T Internet.  You no longer run the risk of having your email provider strip the contents of your calendar invite before you receive it in your email

6) New and easier Outlook Plugin for scheduling from your desktop calendar